Friday, November 14, 2014

Faculty Mentors for English Majors (undergrad)

Prior to registration each semester, every undergraduate English major should meet with Wayne Berninger, the Department’s Undergraduate Advisor. Mr. Berninger uses an app called Setster for appointment booking. Setster allows you to book your own appointment without having to play phone tag or send a bunch of e-mails. To use this free service to book your own appointment, click here. Here is a video that will show you how to use Setster.

Mr. Berninger uses an app called Remind, which makes it possible to send send a single text message that goes to the whole group. To sign up for this free service, go here. The widget below shows the most recent text messages that have gone out.

For guidance with everything other than registration, please meet with your Faculty Mentor at least once per semester. 

Go here for mentors' contact info.

Assignments are as follows.
  • student (concentration) -- mentor
  • Sarai Arroyo (CW) -- John High
  • Jocelyn Baskett (Lit) -- Srividhya Swaminathan
  • Krista Benitez (WR) -- Michael Bokor
  • Barrington Boothe (WR) -- John Killoran
  • Stephen Cadavillo (Lit) -- Patrick Horrigan
  • Fanta Camara (Lit) -- Sealy Gilles
  • Alexa Carter-Rodriguez (CW) -- John High
  • Melissa Clermont (Lit) -- Donald McCrary
  • Stacy D'Cunha (Lit) -- Carol Allen
  • Ralph Dorsinville (Lit) -- Jonathan Haynes
  • Kathryn Dure  (Lit) -- Sealy Gilles
  • Laquesha Ekowo (CW) -- John High
  • Celina Flores (CW) -- Lewis Warsh
  • Alicia Folk (WR) -- Donald McCrary
  • Kristin Griffith (Lit) -- Maria McGarrity
  • Candace Harris (Lit) -- Louis Parascandola
  • Kristen Heim (Lit) -- Srividhya Swaminathan
  • Joy Jackson (WR) -- Michael Bokor
  • Joann Jeannot (Lit) -- Leah Dilworth
  • Donte'Sha Jones (CW) -- Lewis Warsh
  • Yu June Lee (WR) -- Michael Bokor
  • Madison Lukosius (WR) -- John Killoran
  • Keila Matthews (Lit) -- Louis Parascandola
  • Jessica Montrose (Lit) -- Sealy Gilles
  • Muzahid ("Jahid") Mowla (WR) -- Patricia Stephens
  • Rose Nash (Lit) -- Michael Bennett
  • Warline Norzeus (Lit) -- Carol Allen
  • Jessica Persaud (WR) -- Patricia Stephens
  • Brittany Rader  (WR) -- John Killoran
  • Rebecca Rimple (CW) -- Lewis Warsh
  • Anisha Robertson (WR) -- Deborah Mutnick
  • Daniel Rosenberg (CW) -- Lewis Warsh
  • Roksolana Sheverack (Lit) -- Leah Dilworth
  • Mahima Singh (Lit) -- Bernard Schweizer
  • Tashawana Smith (WR) -- Patricia Stephens
  • Miguel Sosa (WR) -- Donald McCrary
  • Aaron Stewart (CW) -- John High
  • Shannon Thomas (WR) -- Wayne Berninger
  • Remson Younge (WR) -- Deborah Mutnick

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jessica Hagedorn's Playwriting Class Welcomes Michael Friedman to Campus

Professor Hagedorn's playwriting workshop (Creative Writing MFA program) is exploring what it means to adapt a work from one medium to another. You are invited to join the class on November 5 for a conversation with Michael Friedman, composer & lyricist of the current hit musical, The Fortress of Solitude, based on the acclaimed novel by Jonathan Lethem.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our Condolences to the Family & Friends of Rosemary Mayer

We are saddened by the news that Rosemary Mayer, an adjunct professor in the English Department at Long Island University from 1988 to 2009, died on Saturday morning, October 18, after a long illness. In recent years, she was a lecturer in the Fine Arts Department at LaGuardia Community College.

Rosemary was born in Ridgewood, Queens and lived in New York for most of her life. She studied classics at St. Joseph’s College and at the University of Iowa and art at the School of Visual Arts and the Brooklyn Museum Art School. She was most well-known for her sculptural work and installations in the 1970s and 1980s as well as her involvement in the feminist art movement. Her translation of the diary of the Italian Mannerist artist Jacopo da Pontormo, which included a catalogue of Mayer’s work, was published in 1979. Her most recent projects involved illustrating the epic stories of Beowulf and Gilgamesh and the history of the women of the Roman Empire. She received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York Council on the Arts, and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation. She had solo exhibitions at A.I.R Gallery, the Monique Knowlton Gallery, the Pam Adler Gallery, among many others.

She lived for forty years in a loft in Tribeca and most recently in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Please send letters of condolence to Lewis Warsh at

UPDATE 10/23/2014: Link to New York Times obituary.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Update from Professor Jonathan Haynes

Professor Jonathan Haynes (English) took part in the Australasian Nollywood Film Festival as a panelist (via video link) on a forum, "Nigerian Movies in the Diaspora," at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The event took place October 9. 

On October 16, he will be on another panel at Auckland University of Technology.

In other news, Professor Haynes has been elected to the Democratic Party Committee of the Town of Southampton.