Friday, February 27, 2015

Fall 2015 Literature Seminar With Jessica Hagedorn

Fall 2015 Creative Writing MFA Course With Visiting Writer Sigrid Nunez

Faculty Mentors for English Majors (undergrad)

Prior to registration each semester, every undergraduate English major should meet with Wayne Berninger, the Department’s Undergraduate Advisor. Mr. Berninger uses an app called Setster for appointment booking. Setster allows you to book your own appointment without having to play phone tag or send a bunch of e-mails. To use this free service to book your own appointment, click here. Here is a video that will show you how to use Setster.

Mr. Berninger uses an app called Remind, which makes it possible to send send a single text message that goes to the whole group. To sign up for this free service, go here. The widget below shows the most recent text messages that have gone out.

For guidance with everything other than registration, please meet with your Faculty Mentor at least once per semester. 

Go here for mentors' contact info.

Assignments are as follows.
  • student (concentration) -- mentor
  • Sarai Arroyo (CW) -- John High
  • Jocelyn Baskett (Lit) -- Srividhya Swaminathan
  • Krista Benitez (WR) -- Michael Bokor
  • Barrington Boothe (WR) -- John Killoran
  • Stephen Cadavillo (Lit) -- Patrick Horrigan
  • Fanta Camara (Lit) -- Sealy Gilles
  • Alexa Carter-Rodriguez (CW) -- John High
  • Melissa Clermont (Lit) -- Donald McCrary
  • Stacy D'Cunha (Lit) -- Carol Allen
  • Ralph Dorsinville (Lit) -- Jonathan Haynes
  • Kathryn Dure  (Lit) -- Sealy Gilles
  • Laquesha Ekowo (CW) -- John High
  • Alicia Folk (WR) -- Donald McCrary
  • Candace Harris (Lit) -- Louis Parascandola
  • Kristen Heim (Lit) -- Srividhya Swaminathan
  • Joy Jackson (WR) -- Michael Bokor
  • Joann Jeannot (Lit) -- Leah Dilworth
  • Donte'Sha Jones (CW) -- Lewis Warsh
  • Leatrice Jones (Lit) -- Michael Bennett
  • Yu June Lee (WR) -- Michael Bokor
  • Madison Lukosius (WR) -- John Killoran
  • Keila Matthews (Lit) -- Louis Parascandola
  • Jessica Montrose (Lit) -- Sealy Gilles
  • Rose Nash (Lit) -- Michael Bennett
  • Warline Norzeus (Lit) -- Carol Allen
  • Jessica Persaud (CW) -- John High
  • Brittany Rader  (WR) -- John Killoran
  • Rebecca Rimple (CW) -- Lewis Warsh
  • Roksolana Sheverack (Lit) -- Leah Dilworth
  • Mahima Singh (Lit) -- Bernard Schweizer
  • Tashawana Smith (WR) -- Patricia Stephens
  • Miguel Sosa (WR) -- Donald McCrary
  • Brandi Sutherland (CW) -- Lewis Warsh
  • Remson Younge (WR) -- Deborah Mutnick

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Activists IV Justice: New Student Group at LIU Brooklyn

Activists IV Social Justice is a student-led collective democratic organization at LIU-Brooklyn that address a variety of social justice issues. The group is sponsoring two events in the near future. 

"Reclaiming Black History Month Through Activism: An Intersectional Panel Discussion on Racism, Police Accountability, and the Need for Activism," February 26, 7PM, Health Sciences Building, Room 119.

The second event, "Intro to Twitter Activism," is March 4, 5PM, Pratt Building, Room 619. See the two-page flyer below for details.

LIUFF Sponsors Event in Support of Equity for Adjunct Faculty

The Long Island University Faculty Federation (i.e., the LIU Brooklyn faculty union) is sponsoring an event to which all students, faculty, administrators, and staff are invited. The union's announcement is as follows:

"The first annual National Adjunct Walkout Day is Wednesday, February 25.  

"While we are prevented by our contract from participating in a walkout, we are marking the day with an event sponsored by the LIUFF.  

"Please join us on Wednesday Feb. 25th from 12 - 2 pm in Pratt 321 in the Learning Communities Lounge

"Drop by, have some coffee and pie, meet fellow adjuncts and concerned full-time faculty, and join the conversation about adjunct equity."

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Alum Update: Sarah [Kolbasowski] Ghoshal, Creative Writing MFA Alum

Many of you knew Sarah when she was a grad student here in the English Department. She's now teaching at Montclair State University and publishing poems all over the place. For example, check out new poems at Empty Mirror.

UPDATE: Sarah's new chapbook, Changing the Grid, available for pre-order now, ships in early June 2015.

A Reading by Jake Matkov at Bureau of General Services--Queer Division

Creative Writing MFA candidate Jake Matkov will be reading with Wo Chan and Jayson Smith at Bureau of General Services--Queer Division, a cultural center, bookstore, and event space at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center

This reading is the fifth installment in a series called Newfangled, which is made up of poetry readings by emerging poets and hosted by Robert Siek. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015, at 7:00 PM

Bureau of General Services-Queer Division
208 West 13th Street, Room 210

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Full-Time Faculty Office Hours, Spring 2015

If this post has not yet been updated to the current semester, or if your instructor or his/her hours are not listed here, call the English Department front desk at 718-488-1050.
Usually, this list will be fully updated to the current semester by the end of the second week of classes.

Carol Allen Before Spring Break: TTh 4:30-5:30. Also by appointment. After Spring Break: T 11-12. Th 4:30-5:30.
Melissa Antinori (Pratt 310) TTh 1:30-3. Also by appointment.

Michael Bennett On academic leave.

Wayne Berninger TThF 9-12. TThF 1-4.

Michael Bokor MW 9-9:50. MW 2:30-3:30. Also by appointment.

Marilyn Boutwell MW 11-4. TTh 11-1:30. TTh 4:15-5. Friday by appointment only.

Leah Dilworth
MWF 9-10. MWF 11-12. W 1-3. Also by appointment.

Sealy Gilles
MW 1-2. W 5-6.

Jessica Hagedorn
MW by appointment.

Lynn Hassan
MTWThF by appointment.

Jonathan Haynes
MW 12:30-1:30. Also by appointment.

John High
T 12-3. MW by appointment.

Patrick Horrigan
TTh 11-12. W 5-6. Also by appointment.

John Killoran
MW 11-11:45. MW 1:30-2:45. Also by appointment.

Donald McCrary TTh 11-12. TTh by appointment. T 3-4.

Maria McGarrity
MW 1-1:30. MW 4:15-4:45. Also by appointment.

Charles Matz
TTh 9-9:30. TTh 11-11:59. Also by appointment.

Deborah Mutnick
On sabbatical.

Louis Parascandola
MW 2-3. MW 5-6.

Robert Pattison
MW 9-10. MW 11:30-12. Also by appointment.

Bernard Schweizer
TTh 11-12. TTh 1:30-3.

Michael Sohn
MW 4:15-5:15. T 11-4. Also by appointment.

Patricia Stephens
M 9-10. T 4-5:30. Th by appointment.

Srividhya Swaminathan
MW 12-1. T 1-3.

Lewis Warsh
T 11-1:30. T 3-4. Th 11-1:30.

Monday, February 2, 2015

A New Novel by Patrick Horrigan

We are pleased to announce the upcoming publication of a new novel, Portraits at an Exhibition (Lethe Press, May 2015), by Patrick Horrigan (Professor of English).

The hero of the novel is a 21st-century Dorian Gray, an alienated young man searching for his life's purpose through a gallery of portraits at an exhibition.  Afraid he may have contracted HIV the night before and only beginning to fathom the possible consequences, Robin threads his way through the rooms of an art exhibition, studying portraits of people from faraway places and times, looking for clues in the lives of others to the mystery of his own discontent.  In the gallery, he bumps into a flesh-and-blood stranger with whom he feels an uncanny rapport.  Their meeting could change his life, but first he will have to confront a disturbing truth about himself.

Portraits at an Exhibition won the 2010 Dana Award in the Novel.  

Pre-order from Amazon.

The official launch party happens Wednesday, June 3, 2015, at 7:00 PM, at the Bureau of General Services--Queer Division, 208 West 13th Street, Room 210, in Manhattan.  All are welcome.

LIU Professional & Personal Development Academy Presents John Killoran on Grant Writing